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Three Side Effects After a Chiropractic Adjustment

Dec 24

Chiropractic care from a Chiropractor in Fort Mill, SC is a natural approach to health and wellness and is acknowledged as one of the safest treatments for various problems, including joint pain, headaches, back pain, neck discomfort, and many others. 


Though healthcare therapies offer promising results, it's important to be aware of potential negative effects that may accompany them. Taking the necessary precautions can ensure a rewarding and safe experience.


Some of the possible side effects after a chiropractic adjustment may include the following:


  1. Soreness and Discomfort


After an adjustment, patients often feel some soreness or stiffness in the area that was adjusted. This is usually due to the release of toxins that have been built up over time in muscles and other soft tissues. The discomfort varies from person to person; however, it should subside within 24 to 48 hours.


  1. Headaches


Occasionally, headaches can be experienced after a chiropractic adjustment due to changes in blood circulation or nerve stimulation. These headaches are typically mild and should resolve independently without any medical intervention.


  1. Nausea/Dizziness


In rare cases, patients have reported feeling lightheaded or nauseous after an adjustment. Again, these symptoms should only temporarily dissipate within a few hours. If you experience any of these effects after visiting a chiropractor's office, don't hesitate to get in touch with your healthcare provider immediately.


Some patients suffer slight discomfort or soreness in the spinal joints or muscles after a chiropractic spinal adjustment, but most report instant alleviation. This sensation is comparable to muscle discomfort following exercise. 


If this happens, it typically occurs within the first few hours following therapy and, for most patients (74%), does not last longer than 24 hours.


The symptoms of this are frequently lessened more rapidly with an ice pack. Although there are a few rare but substantial hazards associated with spinal adjustments, these risks could include a herniated disk or compression of the nerves in the lower spinal column.


Cervical manipulation, commonly referred to as neck adjustments, can alleviate some headaches and discomfort. These procedures increase the range of motion in the neck's joints, bring it back to its pre-injury state, and lessen muscular spasms to relieve strain and tension. 


Although neck manipulation is well-known to be a safe technique, some patients may have adverse effects for a few days following the procedure. These adverse effects can include a headache, exhaustion, or persistent pain.


Reports have linked cervical manipulation to a specific type of stroke called a vertebrobasilar artery (VBA) stroke, which is at the very top of the hazards list. However, according to the best available data, only approximately 1 case out of 5.85 million neck manipulations yearly results in such injuries.


This type of injury is considerably more likely due to regular activities like looking up to watch fireworks, rotating your head while driving, or getting your hair cleaned in a salon, to put this risk into context.


Is Chiropractic Safe?


Overall, chiropractic care is considered a safe and effective treatment for various musculoskeletal problems. However, like any medical procedure, it has certain risks. 


Therefore, it is advised to discuss any concerns or worries with your healthcare provider before beginning a chiropractic regimen. The risks can be minimized significantly with proper precautions and the correct technique used by an experienced practitioner.


With that said, the potential side effects of a chiropractic adjustment typically include soreness and discomfort in the area that was adjusted, headaches, nausea/dizziness, and occasional muscle tension or spasm. 

If these mild symptoms last longer than 48 hours or become more severe, you should contact Collective Chiropractic. We want our patients to receive the best care and experience possible. 


Our team of experienced chiropractors in Fort Mills, SC is here to help you with any questions or concerns about your symptoms, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.