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Five stretches recommended by chiropractors.

Jan 13

The human body was made to be mobile. Unfortunately, back, neck, shoulder, and joint discomfort is frequently brought on by trauma that limits the body's normal range of motion. While it may seem like the best course of action to deal with the discomfort is to lie in bed and sleep, stretching may be the simplest method to do both.


Safe, chiropractor near you-recommended stretches and exercises can improve your body's mobility and fluidity and speed up your return to activity.


Why Is Stretching So Important?


There are a number of benefits to stretching, regardless of whether you're in pain or preparing for the day. One reason is that extension is crucial for joint health. The mobility of the joint can be significantly reduced when the muscles surrounding it are strained or tight. Regular stretching can lengthen these muscles, releasing the joints and enabling you to move more quickly.


Is Stretching Safe to Do at Home?


You can perform the stretches your chiropractor previously gave the go-ahead for at home. At Peak Potential Family Chiropractic - Houston Heights, our doctors frequently suggest stretches patients can do to advance between visits. However, before attempting any at-home stretches, if you experience chronic pain, be sure to speak with a licensed chiropractor because they can worsen your condition.


Upper Trap Stretch


The upper trap extends all the way from the shoulder to the base of the cranium or skull. Put both hands behind your back and over your head to achieve a good stretch. Pull your left arm with your right arm while cocking your head to the right. Keep your left arm straight, please. Before switching arms, keep the position for at least five seconds. Five times on each side, repeat.


Scapular Retractions


The motion of pulling your shoulder blades back together is known as a scapular retract. They are essential for enhancing the scapular range of motion. Additionally, this motion aids in easing some of the tension that most people's mid-backs accumulate throughout the course of an ordinary workday. Start by crossing your arms. After that, turn your arms back and squeeze your shoulder blades together. It may be helpful to visualize compressing something, such as a stress ball, between them. For three sets of fifteen, go back and forth in this manner.


Scalene Stretch


The scalene muscles, which are positioned on the sides of your neck, are sometimes overlooked when people stretch their necks. Start the scalene stretch by pressing down on your right clavicle with three right-hand fingers. Then slowly lower your head till it is at your chest. Next, push down while raising your head in the opposite direction of where your hand is (the left, in this case). Relax after eight seconds of holding.


McKenzie Exercise


This is a daily workout for persons with mobility issues in their mid or lower back. With your arms by your sides, begin by lying face down on the ground. Next, swing your arms upward from this position such that your forearms are the only parts that touch the ground. Keep everything securely below your waist as you push up off the floor. Finally, apply pressure to your comfort level (a little discomfort is normal).


If you feel this isn't enough, elevate your forearms off the ground so that only your palms are resting there.


Maintain for one minute. Return your arms to the floor, after which you should take a 30-second break—five times in a row.


Piriformis Stretch


This stretch targets the buttocks and lower back. Initially, lie on your back. One leg is crossed over the other so that the outside of its ankle rests on the knee of the other leg. Grab that knee with your hands, then slowly bring it toward you. Hold for a minute. Repeat on both sides as usual.


With our desk jobs, strange sleeping arrangements, and propensity for injuries, discomfort is occasionally unavoidable. So, of course, there are some ways to lessen the pain of a workout. Along with the mentioned chiropractic stretches, a chiropractic appointment here at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic - Houston Heights can be another way to ease the pain of a sore body.


Chiropractic treatment can also help to alleviate pain caused by a pre-existing condition, such as low back pain, neck pain, and migraines. Call us today to help you!